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Culture is Queen: The Case of the Queen Bees, Bros and Old Boys

Ana Trujillo Limon
We still haven’t solved the puzzle of building inclusive cultures. But when organizations are able to develop inclusive cultures where women can thrive, they can be more influential and …
Business Management

Flip the Script: How Sponsors Can Increase Representation of Women in Wealth Management

Ana Trujillo Limon
In her more than two decades in the financial services industry, Clara Sierra hasn’t had many sponsors. “I’ve had many, many, many mentors,” said Sierra, who is a senior …
Business Management

Bridget Grimes: Mentorship, Community & Empowering Women in Finance

Ana Trujillo Limon
Welcome back to another episode of Framework! This week, our focus is on empowering women in the financial industry with mentorship and community. Ana Trujillo Limón, Director, Coaching and …
Business Management

7 Key Findings from the 2023 State of Women in Wealth Management Report

Ana Trujillo Limon
This year marked our second State of Women in Wealth Management study. While we initially wanted to do a benchmarking study to track the sentiment of women in wealth …

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