The absence of being able to gather with our community and clients has shifted many ways we approach business, philanthropy, networking and showing our appreciation. While there are certainly signs of hope that we will be able to safely gather with one another in 2021, we aren’t there yet. As we start a new year be mindful of the importance of staying connected to your clients, your prospects, your team and your community. Here are some of the ways you might be able to meet virtually or socially distanced to keep the connection alive:

Community Outreach

Promote Your Local Small Businesses

The small business community has taken the brunt of the impact since March 2020. It is likely that your clients and people in your network are small business owners or are close to someone who is. Take the opportunity to promote their services and business in your client newsletters, communications and use them for client Random Acts of Kindness and gifts.

Fundraisers and Donation Drives

Many non-profit organizations and schools are in need of supplies. Take the opportunity to sponsor a virtual fundraiser or donation drive to supply these important organizations and groups with the resources to continue to support the community. You can also spotlight a local organization in your client newsletter.

Help Out Seniors

Both our elderly community and our high school seniors are missing out on many opportunities given these unusual circumstances. Connect with the local senior communities to find ways to brighten their day. Donate puzzles and games to fight boredom. You could also host an online fundraiser and donate tablets for the tech-minded seniors, so they can stay connected virtually with loved ones. Help the next generation celebrate their milestone and next steps by providing a scholarship, going away package or spotlight children of clients that are seniors in your newsletter.

Client Appreciation

Watch a Classic

There are a few ways that you can gather your clients safely to enjoy some nostalgia and popcorn while watching a classic film. Many theaters are offering complete buyouts of a theater for as low as $99. This is a great gift to offer to your staff for their dedication over the last year, or a gift to offer your clients that they can share with those in their “pod.” You can also explore renting out a drive-in or renting a portable movie screen and create your own event.

Get in Some Laughs

We could all go for a little comedy these days. Consider sponsoring a virtual comedian to perform for your clients over zoom.

Health and Wellness

We generally see a great deal of energy and commitment to a healthier lifestyle at the beginning of a new year, and 2021 will probably be no different. Many advisors have had success in creating a series of speaker presentations for their clients over topics related to health and wellness, including meditation, fitness, healthy eating and keeping mentally healthy. You could also purchase a few subscriptions to online fitness classes and raffle off the memberships as prizes among your team.

Don’t Forget the Holidays

Many Carson members hold special events around Valentine’s Day for widows. There are opportunities to hold virtual events, such as attending a floral arranging class with Or hire a chef to teach clients how to make a special treat. You can also keep it simple and send your single and widowed clients a little something to let them know you are thinking of them.

Porch Portraits

2020 has introduced many new trends, including family porch portraits. Hire a local photographer to visit some of your clients at their homes and take family photos outside.

Of course you can also stay connected in traditional ways: call, write or send video messages to your clients.

We will be carrying around uncertainty for some time and letting your clients know that you care and are there to be sure they stay on track to reach their goals is the most authentic and genuine way to stay connected.

If you are looking for more ideas on staying connected and being successful, join our Carson Coaching program. We have recently launched Tuesday Morning Advisor Coffee meetings, a weekly event for advisors to build community and share in the abundance of wealth and knowledge within our Carson community.

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