This week, Jamie Hopkins talks with Aaron Klein. Aaron is the founder and CEO of Riskalyze and a Snappy Kraken board member.

Since founding Riskalyze nearly a decade ago,  Aaron has become heavily involved with nonprofits, including Hope Takes Root, a group that brings education and vocational training to vulnerable youth in Ethiopia.

Aaron caught the entrepreneurial bug as a 12-year-old when he began working for his dad after school. He spent years in the startup world before eventually founding Riskalyze. And through it all, serving advisors has always been his goal—enabling advisors to provide clients with the right information that leads to valuable long-term relationships.

In this episode, Jamie and Aaron talk about how to provide advisors with the right resources to help them advise their clients, going from Tony Stark to Iron Man, and continual iteration and innovation.

Also, have you ever heard of Korean Ethiopian American fusion cuisine? If not, you’ll hear about it first on our show today!

“100% of our focus today is equipping incredible financial advisors to defeat fear-bound decision-making in the world. These are tough times for the advisors we serve, but there’s really not a better time to be a company whose mission is empowering the world to invest fearlessly. ~ @AaronKlein

Main Takeaways

  • Sometimes the most important thing you can do for a client is to change how you deliver information. You can spend years telling clients the same things, but changing the delivery and leveraging the facts in a visual format can make all the difference.
  • Given the fundamentals of our economy, the need for good financial advisors is only going to increase. There will continue to be more demand for good financial advice that will help people meet their potential and reach their financial dreams.
  • The work of advisors is to support clients as they support their families and futures. The more we can support advisors in that effort, the better they will be able to support their clients for the long-term.

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