In this episode, Jamie and Ana talk with Janet Alvarez, veteran financial journalist and the Deputy Business Editor at the Philadelphia Inquirer. For more than 15 years, she has served various media outlets, including Time, Reuters and CNBC, and advocated for financial literacy and democratization of personal finance.

Janet talks with Jamie and Ana about the Hispanic influence on investing, insights on debt and credit and the need for sincerity in financial journalism.

Key Takeaways

  • Being money conscious as early as childhood.
  • From being an econ major to becoming a financial journalist.
  • Taking baby steps to financial journalism.
  • What it’s like to interview Barack Obama.
  • Why radio is more effective than TV.
  • Learning from how leaders and entrepreneurs respond.
  • Why it’s important to be a voice for minorities?
  • Insights on U.S. household debt.
  • How to stay afloat in complex financial situations.
  • Why it’s time to change the negative connotation around debt.
  • Janet’s advice: overcome limitations and barriers.


“Radio, I always say, is like my first love for the same reason you mentioned – you can talk, you can express yourself, you can explore topics in-depth. It’s natural, it’s organic.” Janet Alvarez

“What I’ve learned from years and years of interviewing powerful and interesting people is that often what they don’t say matters just as much as what they do say.”Janet Alvarez

“Stick to the basics, because no matter what happens in the economy, if you stick to the basics and you try to improve yourself so that you’re more employable, that’s the best advice anybody can give you without getting more complicated.” Janet Alvarez


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