Passionate and determined, Nandita Das, a professor at an HBCU, fights to make financial planning more accessible for diverse communities.

“Once you show your passion, and again, you might have some struggles from your own colleagues, but the administration will see through it. And that’s why I kind of smile – because if you are passionate about it, you will have followers and you will have the ability to make a difference,” she says.

Nandita is a professor of finance and economics at Delaware State University and a CFA and CFP holder. She is an advocate for financial education and inclusion in the financial services industry and is dedicated to helping students find their place in the field.

Previously a dairy scientist, Nandita moved to the U.S. determined to become a financial planner and ended up starting a CFP program at her university. Now, she is helping her students by providing personal finance classes, internships and guidance on how to make job descriptions more inclusive.

Nandita is passionate about helping people, no matter their background.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How Nandita used her passion and qualifications to create a financial planning program at her university.
  • How Nandita encourages her students to pursue internships and make sure job requirements are welcoming to all.
  • How Nandita uses her own experiences to adapt her teaching and advice to her students’ needs.

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