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Business Management

Working and Living Holistically

Michael Rose
A recommendation commonly shared with financial advisors is to dedicate time working on the business – strategic direction and improving key business functions, as a necessary complement to all …
Business Management

Why Financial Advisors Should Delegate to the Gig Economy

Jessica Harrington
Advisors are wearing too many hats. And in many cases, they make their team members wear too many hats, too. But there’s a way to do less, elevate your …
Business Management

Financial Advisor, Financial Planner, Retirement Consultant – How the SEC and Consumers See Your Title

Craig Lemoine
Financial planner, wealth manager, financial dream coach – these are just a few of the many titles I've seen advisors use to describe themselves. Some titles and designations are …

Amie Agamata: Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Jamie Hopkins
Amie Agamata has big plans as she steps into her latest role: President-Elect for the Financial Planning Association (FPA)'s NextGen community of new and aspiring financial planners. Amie has …

Dave Yeske: The Crucial Role of Psychology in Financial Planning

Jamie Hopkins
Financial freedom is about having choices and designing a life where you can pursue the things that interest you and spend time with the people who matter to you. …

Howard Lindzon: Why Crypto Crashed and What to Expect in 2023

Jamie Hopkins
The past three years have been unprecedented on many levels. For investors and venture capital in particular, rising interest rates, hyper competitiveness and the speed of innovation have changed …

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