Dani Fava

Chief Strategy Officer

About Dani

Dani Fava serves the pivotal role of Chief Strategy Officer at Carson Group, wielding over two decades of experience in wealth management to drive our strategic direction. Charged with enhancing the client experience through differentiated products and services, Dani’s leadership is instrumental in shaping innovative growth strategies and advancing the industry on financial advice and the use of AI.

Before joining Carson Group, Dani held influential positions at Envestnet and TD Ameritrade, where she spearheaded initiatives such as digital onboarding, strategic partnerships, and AI integration. Dani’s contributions include the development of advisor technologies like iRebal and the Model Market Center, reflecting her commitment to empowering advisors with cutting-edge tools and insights. Her impact and forward-thinking vision earned her a spot on FinTech Magazine’s Top 100 Women in FinTech (2021), InvestmentNews’ Women to Watch (2020), and ThinkAdvisor’s 2020 IA25, underscoring her status as a trailblazer in wealth management innovation.

In addition to her professional achievements, Dani is recognized for her thought leadership in the industry, often speaking at conferences and contributing to discussions on the future of financial technology. Dani also serves on the board of Language & Culture Worldwide (LCW), a culture consulting company. This work is an extension of her commitment to see more inclusion in the wealth management industry.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Dani finds joy in the company of her loved ones, including her life partner, Julie, and their two children, Camryn and Frankie. Their family is completed by three beloved dogs—Slim Shady, Ghostface and Dolly Parton. When not immersed in strategy, Dani indulges her obsessive passion for pickleball, a testament to her commitment to both work and play. Embracing the guiding principle of “Per aspera ad astra” (from the ashes to the stars), Dani embraces resilience and determination in her pursuit of transformative opportunities for advisors in an ever-evolving market landscape.