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Executive Business Coach

About Greg

Greg has been working with advisors for his entire professional career. Before joining Carson Coaching in May 2006, Greg served seven years as Managing Director, Certification Services at the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards. For the four years prior to his experience at the CFP Board, Greg was the Director, Student Service Center at the College for Financial Planning. He likes to joke with members, “I spent four years educating advisors, then seven years certifying them, and now consulting with them to enhance their business and their lives.”

Greg’s 17 years of prior managerial experience is drawn upon every day to assist coaching members. It is not simply the 17 years that is critical; but rather, the quality and diversity of that experience. Greg notes, “I worked with some incredibly gifted people at the College for Financial Planning and CFP Board. Those non-profit cultures were very calm and thoughtful. I still work with a bunch of gifted people; the difference is the entrepreneurial spirit at Carson and Carson Coaching. The way we see the world, and the pace and manner in which change occurs is very different. I enjoy both cultures. The education from that transition is what I find so valuable. The experience of working in these different cultures often helps me see things in ways that are helpful and transferable to members.”

For the last several years he expressions his gratitude the same way. “How many people have a career that challenges them every day, makes them think really hard every day, financially supports their family, and offers them the ability to help people! My log in routine every single day includes reciting a previous mission statement: ‘my purpose is to help you live yours’. My responsibilities provide me an opportunity to directly help our members run a better business and have more balance in their lives and to indirectly help the 10’s of thousands of clients they serve by helping them provide more value!”

Many of Greg’s long-term members no longer have practices. They now have businesses. Although this is an ‘execution wins’ industry, working with larger, mature businesses and helping with their strategic thinking and vision is enriching, challenging, and rewarding for him.

Greg earned both his Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and MBA Degree from the University of South Dakota. Greg, and his wife, Marilyn, have been married since 1985 and have three daughters. His family is his first passion and priority, but Greg would enjoy fishing every day if possible.

Specialty Areas

  • Vision & Strategic Thinking
  • Team Management
  • Transitioning from Advisor to CEO


  • Executive Business Coach at Carson since 2006

  • Director, CFP® Board of Standards – 7 years

  • Director, Student Service Center at College for Financial Planning – 4 years


  • MBA from University of South Dakota

  • Bachelor’s in Economics from University of South Dakota

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