Carson Launches New Client Technology to Over 26,000 Families and 100+ Partner Firms

Posted on May 8, 2019

CHICAGOMay 8, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Carson Group, one of the fastest growing financial services firms in the country, today announced the launch of Carson CX (Client Experience). This new application has been built from the ground up, leveraging Mineral’s (acquired by Carson in 2018) award-winning product design and feedback from several Carson partner firms, with the goal of creating a single pane of glass for the investor. The announcement was made on opening day of Excell 2019, Carson’s annual industry-wide conference, this year boasting an all-time record attendance of 1,200 advisors, team members, students, investors, and industry executives.

Carson CX Features and Advisor Tools

Carson Group unveiled various components of its online portal, which features multiple integrations, account views, client goals, and interactive tools to improve advisor communication and help demonstrate the intangible value they provide to clients. Through this “single pane of glass” dashboard, advisors are able to perform a broad range of functions: from linking to outside accounts which enables a full picture of a client’s whole balance sheet, to providing a live status of current advisor and client to-do’s.

Carson CX is equipped with video conferencing integrations (WebEx,, GoToWebinar, and Zoom), seamless meeting scheduling via Calendly, and single sign-on (SSO) with Orion Advisor Services. The portal is able to generate a client-ready report (“Personalized Game Plan”) in a matter of minutes that includes priority action items, legacy planning details, and key considerations for each client review. Carson’s interactive RTQ (Risk Tolerance Questionnaire), which each client takes to assess risk and define suitability, is also weaved into the technology, keeping the client’s risk profile in mind when presenting financial information.

“This new technology will go a long way in simplifying our client experience,” said Tim Bearden, Managing Partner of Stonebridge Financial Partners. “It’s another monumental step towards reaching our goal of having one place for our clients to go for everything relating to their financial lives. It will also allow us to be more proactive, more efficient in our daily tasks as a team, and position us to anticipate our clients’ needs.”

“We’ve made quite a leap today, both in terms of what we’re immediately delivering to our advisors and in what they’ll be able to offer to their clients,” said Aaron Schaben, Executive Vice President of Carson Group. “It’s going to change the game and give our advisors an unparalleled advantage most firms don’t currently have in creating a memorable experience, online and off. This is moving us a step closer to the future of financial advice and helping advisors articulate value that was once intangible.”

The system is also built on top of an engagement tracking engine, which will allow Carson to gather data on client interactions and provide the team with insight into better understanding how it can present meaningful data on client usage and advisor behavior, such as the top 5 tasks an advisor should prioritize every day. The engagement tracking will mine for specific data like location of information on a page, login trends, hover rates (where users are spending their time on a page), and even contextual behavior such as sources of traffic in which the firm can identify where usage is originating from like a website, email, or event. All data will be funneled into Carson’s data warehouse, where the information will be gathered and used to draw meaningful conclusions on how to evolve the technology for an optimal online experience.

Carson’s tech stack has made significant strides over the past 12 months, primarily driven by advisor response and team suggestions. Supported by the training and tech teams, the Carson CX went through a series of intense beta testing with partner advisors and will now be rolled out to each of Carson’s partner firms over the next few weeks.