Structured for Success: How One Firm Grew their Business Through Carson Coaching

Posted on September 9, 2019

“I saw coaching as a chance to take a few of these ideas I’ve seen over the years and really do something about them – it added a layer of implementation and accountability.”

If Edgemoor Investment Advisors was going to grow, they knew they were going to need some big picture help. That’s when they turned to a Carson Coach, who helped their team see the bird’s eye view of his firm and the business they were doing. This is the story of how they broke free of the plateau they had been stuck on and found their way onward and upward.

You’ll learn:

How coaching and a coaching cohort adds accountability and structure to the learning process.
How client advisory boards add dimension to your current practice and can help you improve processes.
How a coach’s insight can help you see around common obstacles in advising and running a firm.