What Every Advisor Should Know About the Three Most Popular Retirement Income Philosophies

Posted on June 20, 2019

Earn More Referrals, Grow Your Business and Become a Community Resource

Pop quiz: What’s the best and most reliable source of new clients for advisors? Email? Advertising? Chicken dinners?

Answer: Referrals.

Most advisors only dream of increasing their referrals. For Scott Ford, referrals are his team’s only source of new clients.

Scott’s unique approach to building relationships with the centers of influence (COIs) who work with his clients has resulted in a wealth of new professional relationships, and a consistently full sales funnel of prospects ready to sign with him – all without ever asking for a single referral.

Watch as Scott will lay out his six-step process to building COI relationships that will help your firm grow like never before.

You’ll learn:

How to establish healthy relationships with COIs
Which questions to ask your COIs to keep them engaged
Which COIs you should focus on