A Changing Capital Gains Tax and What Else to Consider During a Sale

Posted on July 12, 2021

The capital gains tax conversation is heating up as President Biden has proposed a steep increase to fund his American Families Plan. The tax hike, from 20% to 39.6%, would affect families who make more than $1 million – and financial advisors who want to sell their business.

Carson’s Jamie Hopkins, a policy pro and Director of Retirement Research, and Jason Carver, who has extensive experience leading M&A efforts, are diving into this proposal and its ramifications on your business, along with other important M&A considerations.

Join them for a special on-demand webinar to go over:

• The advantages of exiting your business now versus waiting
• What you can expect from capital gains taxes in the coming years
• How to find the right buyer for your business
• And more!

Whether you’re looking to exit your business now or several years down the line, you have a stake in what comes down the pike.