Fundamentals of Cybersecurity for Financial Advisors

Posted on June 19, 2020

Almost everything is online or in a cloud now – banking services, social media, medical records, business files, advertisements, marketing, games, music, text messages and more.

It’s easier than ever to stay connected, work more efficiently and stay organized – plus the digital world is greener than putting everything to paper.

Sounds perfect, right?

Well, almost. With everything online or in a cloud, there’s one major concern: cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity is crucial for both financial advisors and their clients to understand, especially when handling information such as social security numbers, financial accounts and other personal information.

Watch the webinar hosted by Carson’s Chief Information Officer Ben Mathis and Associate Vice President of Business Development Ethan Goff.

They dive into cybersecurity and how to better protect your firm, yourself and your clients.

Some main points include:

  • The biggest cybersecurity risks facing your firm
  • The two main ways to help protect your business and client data
  • How to communicate and safely share data with clients
  • Social engineering phishing attack

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