Leading with Planning: Understanding CFP Board’s Revised Code and Standards

Posted on January 10, 2020

CFP Ethics and Leading with Planning as an Ethical and Fiduciary Best Practice

Stay Up to Date with the Latest CFP Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct

As a CFP® professional, you need to know how changes to the CFP Board’s revised Code and Standards affect you. Let us help.

In our webinar, Professor Jamie Hopkins, Dr. Craig Lemoine and the CEO of Blue Ocean Global Wealth Rita Cheng break down the changes, which went into effect Oct. 1.

After the webinar, you will know:

  • What changed in the Code of Standards
  • How to practice standards when providing financial planning services
  • How to take reasonable care in recommending technology to clients
  • And more.

Watch the webinar replay to dive into CFP Ethics and how to lead with planning as an ethical and fiduciary best practice.