Utilizing Webinars To Enhance Your Marketing Strategy

Posted on September 2, 2020

Marketing has always been a crucial tool to reach your target audience, gain leads and demonstrate your value to clients and prospects.

And it will continue to be vital to your business’s growth – despite changing worldly circumstances. More than, before your clients and prospects want to see your value.

Webinars are key in helping you accomplish this task.

Online video has been the go-to communication method ever since many of us have been relegated to WFH status. By hosting a webinar, you’re providing education and value during a critical time.

During this webinar, Content Director Cameron Carlow and Marketing Coordinator Brodrick Lothringer divulge the secrets to hosting a successful online event.

You will learn more about:

  • Attracting new leads to your webinar
  • Moving prospects down your marketing funnel
  • Providing value to your clients and prospects
  • How to build trust and showcase your expertise
  • Engaging your audience and answering questions

Take advantage of this opportunity to learn best practices from two of the pros behind Carson Group’s webinars.

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