In today’s episode of Framework, Jamie talks with Chris Blunt, the CEO of Fidelity & Guaranty Life, a financial and insurance services firm based in Des Moines, IA.

As a young teenager, Chris found himself in a position where he needed to take over the family’s finances. Though he had an interest in money, he ended up working in the automotive industry out of college, as most kids from Detroit do. One day he received a cold call from a local financial consultant and his life in financial services began.

One of the things that drew him to financial services was that he was in charge of his own destiny. He didn’t have to be dependent on someone else for his livelihood, but could drive his own career. And not only could he drive his own career, he could mentor and motivate others to succeed as well.

Chris talks with Jamie about the keys to being a good leader, how to leverage early wins, and why establishing a communication loop with clients and team members is critical for long-term success. They also discuss Chris’ winding career path and his journey into the insurance space.

(9:54) “Your job as a leader is to be clear on where you’re trying to take the place and what you need each member of the team to do to contribute to that. And then once they do it, the burden falls back on you. What are their aspirations? And how do you help them meet them? ~ @fg_life

Main Takeaways

  • Your job as a leader is to understand your long-term goals and to empower and motivate your team to get you there.
  • Asset management and insurance investing are very different. You have to understand the liabilities and the products inside and out.
  • Working with clients on their charitable endeavors can enhance your relationship. Knowing what your clients are truly passionate about creates a deeper connection.
  • The insurance side of the business is about giving your clients a guaranteed income and setting them up to be able to preserve family wealth across generations.

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