Advisors who fall under OSJs typically find themselves paying exorbitant fees for a middleman. At the same time, you own your business, yet you’re still answering to a supervisor. That’s not freedom.

If you’re spending your hard-earned revenue on additional support, make sure you’re getting the value you deserve. Join us for a special webinar as we dive into the OSJ environment and talk through what’s working, what isn’t – and what other options are out there.

Leading the discussion are Liz Fishbaugh and Randy Harrison, Vice Presidents of Business Development at Carson Group. Learn how you can find your freedom by filling out the form. Liz and Randy cover:

• How to get the most value out of the fees you pay

• What you should be receiving in your tech stack

• The investment options every advisor needs access to

• Your growth playbook and where your OSJ should be helping

• And more!

One hour of due diligence could drastically change the trajectory of your firm. Watch today to see if you’re getting the value you deserve.

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