In today’s episode, Jamie and Ana talk with Justin Castelli, Chief of Staff at Onramp Invest and co-founder of The AGC.

Justin is working to bring crypto-assets and the future of investing into the present through OnRamp. Alongside this, Justin is the co-founder of The AGC, which provides clients with an environment that will continue to enrich their lives outside the finance world. But his impact doesn’t stop there. Justin also spends his free time creating content and other opportunities for advisors.

Justin talks with Jamie and Ana about creating content for financial advisors, building a holistic community of advisors, and choosing a niche.

Key Takeaways

  • The qualitative vs quantitative aspects of advising.
  • How Justin Castelli became a financial advisor.
  • What worked and what didn’t when Justin was starting his firm.
  • To niche or not to niche?
  • Having a niche as a content strategy.
  • The power of choice for consumers.
  • Creating a symbiotic community of advisors.
  • Why go for impactful financial advice.
  • Raising awareness on current social issues.
  • Learning from mistakes and checking your ego.
  • How Justin and Tyrone handled a “social mistake”.
  • Justin’s legacy: make everyone’s lives better.

“Creating content opened a side of me I never knew I had about being creating and trying different avenues. I started with a blog and then added a podcast. You try different things, and you realize, it’s okay to try something and fail; it’s okay to try something and it not be good; it’s okay to try something and drop it. Because that spurred into other things.” – Justin Castelli

“I can’t force myself into a niche. I have to let my niche find me. My niche was more of a mindset. I wanted to work with people who were outside-the-box thinkers—maybe they’re entrepreneurs, but that wasn’t a requirement. I just wanted somebody who didn’t want to go along with what society says. They have a life they want to live. I want to be the financial planner to help them.” – Justin Castelli

“Our profession stands to gain a lot from dropping the competitive mindset and have an abundance mindset. There’s more than enough people; there’s more than enough ways for us to fairly charge our fees, and to be able to create models that work for everybody and let those people find advisors that are right for them.” – Justin Castelli


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