Lead generation for financial advisors is a critical component of a successful growth strategy, but it requires a thoughtful approach if you want to avoid wasted effort and connect with qualified prospects.

A good lead generation strategy will leverage digital advertising, event networking, connecting with centers of influence and other mediums, but how can you know where to start?

Learn how you can build a lead generation machine and connect with warm prospects by joining our on-demand webinar “Lead Generation for Financial Advisors: How to Generate, Develop and Convert Leads for Your Firm.” Hosted by Carson’s Jen Abboud-Smith, Senior Vice President, Client Acquisition, and Samantha Allen, Vice President, Digital Marketing, this webinar covers:

• How to generate leads using proven digital marketing strategies

• Increasing qualified leads

• Channels you should explore

• Automating your lead gen process

• Turning leads into clients

• And more!

Watch this webinar now by clicking the link below!

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