Today on Framework, we explore pathways for women in finance, mentorship, and the strength of having allies. 

In this episode, Ana Trujillo Limón, Director, Coaching and Advisor Content, and guest co-host, JaQ Campbell, Founder and CEO of Alexander Legacy Private Wealth Management, speak with Sheryl Hickerson, Founder and Chief Engagement Officer at Females and Finance Community, about the challenges and strategies for advancing women in the finance industry. Together they discuss the critical role of male allies, the harmful queen bee phenomenon, and the necessity of advocacy behind the scenes.  

Sheryl highlights the importance of challenging unconscious bias in hiring and understanding the resilience behind successful female advisors. JaQ underscores the value women bring to wealth management and the need to study emerging wealth trends. Their conversation emphasizes a mindset shift towards promoting inclusivity and support for women in finance. 


Sheryl discusses:  

  • How she came to found the Females and Finance Community 
  • Her experience with sponsorship and mentorship 
  • The importance of male allies in sponsoring and advancing women in the industry 
  • Creating pathways for women in wealth management and advocating for women behind the scenes 
  • Recruiting and retaining women in advisor-facing roles 
  • Challenging unconscious bias in hiring 
  • Recognizing the unique skills and experiences of women in wealth management 
  • And more 




Connect with Ana Trujillo Limón:  


Connect with JaQ Campbell:  


Connect with Sheryl Hickerson: 


About our Guest:  

Sheryl Hickerson enjoys working with financial advisors, certified financial planners™, registered reps, wealth managers, and many other professionals within the community. Meeting new advisors and learning about how she can work together with them to grow business is her goal. Sheryl provides training, consulting, and coaching on social media and digital marketing strategies to the financial services community. 


Send us your questions, we’d love to hear from you! Email us at 


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