In today’s episode of Framework, Jamie talks with Rachel Robasciotti, the founder and CEO of Adasina Social Capital, a wealth management firm focused on providing the bridge between social justice movements and financial markets.

For Rachel, understanding the haves and have nots early on in life pushed her to learn all she could about money and how it affects our daily lives. As a teenager, Rachel worked as a home healthcare aid, actually caring for her mother. Which meant she was balancing the checkbook, going shopping, and learning even more about money and inequity along the way.

Seeing how we, as a society, treat the most vulnerable populations, she realized it was up to the community to take care of its own. Her view is that the more we work to serve others, the more we can effect change in society.

Rachel talks with Jamie about her incredible journey to the financial planning industry, the impact that the “Two Americas” have had on her personal and professional life, and how that has influenced the work she’s doing today.

(26:13) “If we want to resolve issues of racial, gender, economic, or climate justice, we have to go to those most impacted by these issues and say, ‘Hey, we’re the ones who have the power here, we’re the owners of these very large corporations that are impacting your life. Can you tell us, what would you have us as owners do for you?’ ~ @rrobasciotti

Main Takeaways

  • Just because one member of a disadvantaged class can succeed and become upwardly mobile, doesn’t mean there aren’t systemic problems that need to be addressed.
  • The “extraction” version of capitalism that we’ve been profiting from for many decades is coming to a close, and we need to look at strengthening communities in the wake of its departure.
  • Divesting and making data available that allows others to divest from companies who make money off of social inequity forces those companies to rethink their practices (e.g. subminimum wage, etc).
  • It’s important that we see one another’s stories and become one another. Otherwise, issues of injustice will continue to persist.

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