On today’s episode of Framework, Jamie talks with Stephanie Bogan, CEO & Founder of Limitless Advisor. Stephanie helps financial advisors and founders improve their craft, grow their business, and better serve their clients.

Stephanie grew up with a survivalist money mindset. She remembers her parents filling envelopes with cash and recalls the tough days ahead when those envelopes were terribly empty. While most people start work at a fast-food restaurant or retail store in high school, Stephanie cleaned trailers in grade school out of necessity.

After moving out and starting her first full-time job, Stephanie had no understanding of financial literacy. She worked hard to reframe her mindset and let go of those survivalist tendencies. Everyone learns a financial narrative in childhood, and it’s Stephanie’s job to help advisors help clients rewrite that story and rewire money mindsets.

Stephanie talks with Jamie about money in its truest form, her strategies for coaching clients of all backgrounds, the dangers of playing it safe, and why success and a happy life aren’t mutually exclusive.

“The market going down isn’t the reason that the client’s calling — you’ve told them that will happen. It’s because the story that their brain is telling them in that moment is more powerful than the stories you’ve told them to that point. If you know that, then you know that your first and foremost job is to get really good at creating, telling, and reinforcing stories.” ~ @Steph_Bogan

Main Takeaways

  • Money is turning consciousness into form. The more you focus and pay attention to an idea, the more your money grows. It’s important to remind clients that money is not a tangible object at constant risk of breaking, falling apart, or disappearing forever. Work from a space of happiness and excitement for this idea.
  • Most of us have a negative, positive, or neutral money mindset. Stephanie alters her approach to clients based on where they fall on the mindset spectrum.
  • Playing it safe holds us back from achieving anything, in business and in life. Lean into that next chapter without fear of falling.
  • Finding success in business and finding true happiness and satisfaction in life don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Find ways to reach your goal in the most efficient and the most enjoyable way possible.
  • People are ready to be coached when their why is stronger than their what if.

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